Coronavirus COVID-19 updates

ATMC and Baxter Institute understand that the current situation has introduced both financial and emotional hardship to students, this is why ATMC and Baxter Institute is committed to assisting you in every way that is within our control. ATMC and Baxter Institute have professional counsellors available for you to speak with if you need to discuss how you are coping and need assistance.

Key points

  • The RTO continues to review the situation, including monitoring the advice of Australian state, territory and federal government departments.
  • Classes and other activities at ATMC and Baxter Institute will continue to as close as normal classes based on the Governments guidelines for Registered Training Organisations.
  • Travel and health advice is being provided regularly to staff and students upon request.

Financial options

I am now unemployed due to the Coronavirus shutdown. I cannot pay my rent and my landlord wants to evict me. What should I do?
The Australian Government requires that all evictions be put on hold for six months across all states and territories. The details of how this will work are to be finalised, and we will update you when additional information is provided. If you are asked to leave your accommodation because you cannot pay your rent, contact student support services for advice and assistance.

Employment updates

  • International students are able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.
  • International students working in aged care and as nurses have had these hours extended to support these critical sectors.
  • International students working in the major supermarkets had also had these hours extended to help get stock on shelves during the high demand. From 1 May, hours will return to the maximum 40 hours a fortnight.

Accessing your superannuation

  • Students who have been here longer than 12 months who find themselves in financial hardship will be able to access their Australian superannuation. Please contact your superannuation company to access these funds.

ATMC and Baxter Institute are offering students the following support and services:

  1. Payment difficulties and assistance: We are here to work with you if you have financial difficulties, do not hesitate to phone us on (03) 9650 0367 or email us at [email protected] this is for ATMC VET students also. You can also raise a ticket on the Baxter and ATMC websites: or

Choose the finance ticket and select the help topic payment extension request, the finance team and student support team will respond to your help request as soon as they are able.

The government has already announced two instalments of the coronavirus stimulus package to rescue people from the economic impact of the pandemic. As a part of this package, 236,000 students in Australia get a $550 allowance fortnight on top of the $460 they have been receiving as student allowance, Abstudy and Austudy allowances.

Visa status:

Visa holders in Australia are advised to apply for a new visa or a bridging visa if their current visa is nearing its expiry. They can apply for a waiver of ‘No further stay’ conditions if they fulfil the prescribed eligibility criteria.

You are not alone, your trainers and the admin staff are here for you to talk with if you are experiencing any financial difficulties or stress in general, do not hesitate to contact us. Please check the website regularly for update information regarding your studies and our support for you.

What will happen to my student visa if I defer my enrolment?

Commencing students may choose to defer their enrolment.

The student visa will stay in place. However, the deferral process (for commencing students) results in the cancelling of the current Certificate of Enrolment (COE). A new offer from the RTO must be accepted before a new COE is processed.

Students need both a valid COE and visa to gain entry and remain in Australia.

We advise students to check the Visa Entitlement Visa Online (VEVO) system for updated visa details and conditions.

What will happen to my student visa if I take program leave?

Course leave is available for continuing students for approved circumstances.

Because ATMC and Baxter Institute has implemented online theory delivery mode, there should not be a need to apply for leave, however everyone’s circumstances are different and if you do have compassionate and compelling circumstances, leave form your studies for no longer than four (4) weeks will be considered. If leave from our course is granted your Confirmation of Enrolment will remain active, which means there will be no impact on your student visa. You can check your visa status through Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

If you have questions about course leave and your COE and visa, please email [email protected].

  1. Continuing and enrolled students: We are providing classes via online delivery until the 1st of May, some of you will be required to come to the college to undertake practical training which is a requirement of your training package, we will be advising you of the precautions that you will need to take when attending face to face training and the precautions that ATMC and Baxter Institute will have in place to protect you, the trainers and admin staff.

We will continue to follow the recommendations of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, and if the advice changes, we will move to implement that advice as quickly as possible.

Based on this advice, Victoria’s TAFEs, and Registered Training Organisations will remain open.

We remain firmly committed to ensuring that students continue to gain the full benefits of learning at ATMC and Baxter institute.

Further information:

Students should stay up to date with the latest advice on COVID-19 from the Department of Health website. Providers and students should also stay up to date on the latest advice on visa and travel matters related to the virus from the Department of Home Affairs website.

Useful links

Further advice for international students is available on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website. Enquiries can be directed to [email protected].

The Tuition Protection Service has published advice for students and education providers regarding the Restrictions on Travel.

ATMC and Baxter Institute are working at making your learning experience as positive as possible during these trying times.